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Welcome to the best immigration consultant for the UK located in Delhi, India! Are you planning to move to the U.K.? We congratulate you on this step! But what’s next? Exactly, Visa! Have you exhausted yourself by looking for the best consultant services in Delhi? If yes, we have a solution right here. Meteors immigration provides excellent services while providing you with a visa for business, employment or education in the U.K. We also work to offer you representation in case you require a visit Visa or any Visa for your relatives or spouse.

Now you must be wondering why do we quote meteors immigration as the best one! We say so because the procedures of all the U.K. related visas are handled by a barrister who has ten years of experience in this field. He has worked at a United Kingdom court and knows a variety of different languages including Hindi, Urdu, and English.

Now you must have a lot of queries about Brexit. Don’t worry; we will quickly clear them all and will also help you to extend your stay and acquire British citizenship. So what are you waiting for? Apply through us and redeem the incomparable services asap.


This is the question that is in the mind of every individual who is considering migrating to the U.K. There are several benefits that you will be able to avail in the United Kingdom. In 2015 the U.K. took in more immigrants than any other country. But why so? The reasons are as follows:

  • About 495,000 people moved to the U.K. from 2010 to 2016. This shows that people keep the United Kingdom in higher priorities.
  • If you have a legitimate degree in any of the popular fields, including technology, medicine, etc. then you have the chance of getting a job in some of the best institutions.
  • Moreover, the option of pursuing a good quality higher education also forces a lot of students from different countries to move to the United Kingdom.
  • The policies on employment and trade along with the immigration policies cater to a variety of various immigrants and as such a lot of people migrate to this region of E.U.



The laws in the immigration policy of the United Kingdom keeps changing frequently. This is the reason why a number of people might have difficulty in filing for their visas on their own. But we play our level best in helping you out to devise the right type of immigration based on your demands. This is another reason why meteors immigration is the best consultancy in Delhi for the United Kingdom. Looking to find out the most popular immigration programs in the U.K.? Let’s read the UK immigration schemes available for Indians:


uk business visa consultants

UK Skilled Immigration

If you have an excellent qualification, then you might be considered under this Visa. It is also referred to as the tier 1 Visa. Our team will help you out in analyzing if you are eligible or not

malaysia business visa consultants

UK Business Migration

Do you have a full-time business in India? Does your company provide you with an overall turnover of 1 million GBP? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you can apply for a business visa as well. The U.K. is open for participation in the economy, and as such, it takes in migrants having economic potential.


UK Family Immigration

Calling your family to the U.K. along with your children is possible through this type of immigration. Moreover, if you have adopted a child in India and would like to take him or her with you then you can opt for this immigration type.

uk flag

UK Permanent Residency

U.K. Permanent Residence and U.K. Citizenship: If you agree to some mandatory requirements, then you can easily acquire the citizenship of the United Kingdom. You will also be granted a British passport, and you will have all those rights that natural citizens of the U.K. have.



You would be delighted to know that the entire procedure of applying for a visa in the United Kingdom is online. This way, people can easily save their progress and continue at a later stage. Once you are granted a Visa, you can easily visit the country based on the type of immigration that you filed for. A number of people opt for a Visa to the U.K. because of the following reasons:

  • For employment as well as business.
  • Education
  • For visiting family or traveling.
  • For joining those family members who already reside there.
  • To move to a different country from the U.K.
  • To become a permanent resident.
  • If an individual needs humanitarian assistance.
  • If an individual is stateless.


Let’s talk about the types of U.K. Visas offering to Indian Immigrants


uk tourist

U.K. Visit/Tourist Visa

If you want to travel to the United Kingdom, then you would have to opt for a tourist Visa. It is generally provided for six months. As long as you do not accept a permanent job there a tourist Visa would also be significant for short business trips.

uk student

U.K. Study Visa

Education is another reason why people opt for a study visa in the U.K.

There is a tier 4 Visa which is applicable for students who wish to pursue their tertiary studies. Moreover, children aged 4 to 17 years can also opt for this Visa. For students who reside outside of the U.K. and are looking for institutions in the U.K. can opt for a prospective student visa. If you have a short course of study, then you can choose for a student visitor visa.

uk business visa consultants

U.K. Work Visa

If you intend to participate in the U.K.’s economy, then this is your Visa type.

● If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, then you will be granted a tier 1 Visa.
● If you belong to the category of skilled workers, then the tier 2 visa is suitable for you.
● If you have work for less than 12 months, then the tier five visa will be ideal.


U.K. Family Visa

The family visa can be opted by those who are wishing to visit their families already residing in the U.K. Moreover if you are getting married in the U.K. then also this Visa type is suitable for you.

Denmark business visa consultants

U.K. Tier Visa

The tier visa system of the U.K. is based on points. Points are awarded on various categories such as age, fluency in English, etc. The tiers correspond to the following categories:

1. Tier 1: High-Value Migrants
2. Tier 2: Skilled Workers
3. Tier 3: Unskilled Workers
4. Tier 4: Adult Students
5. Tier 5: Temporary Workers

single person (visitor)

UK Short-Stay Visas

A short-term Visa can be awarded to you in case you are a tourist or if you are moving to the United Kingdom for less than 12 months.

The different types of visas might sound a little intimidating to you. But if you choose Meteors immigration as your partner, then you can cast all your worries on us. You will only have to provide the details, and the rest will be taken care of by our consultants. This is why almost everyone in Delhi refers to us as one of the best visa consultants.



Now that you know everything about visas in the U.K. all there is left to do is contact us. You might say that as the information is given in this article, almost everyone should be able to file for the processes themselves. But this is not true! Let us explain what meteors immigration includes in their services!



Choosing The Right U.K. Visa Type

We advise every individual regarding the right U.K. visa type as per their demands and qualifications.


Completing The Online Application Form

We also guide while filling the form of the Visa. Generally, the following details are required:-

  • Your name & surname.
  • Nationality.
  • Country of residence.
  • Marital status.
  • Personal number.
  • Passport number.
  • Reason for wishing to enter the U.K.
  • Other information about your application.


Schedule A U.K. Visa Appointment:

After your appointment is confirmed you have to print the form and attach the required documents. Then you have to take all these forms to the office for the interview. Meteors immigration guides you on the entire process, and you would not be left alone at any step.


Attend The U.K. Visa Interview

For your information, when you visit the interview center, you will have to provide your biometric details. This includes your fingerprint as well as a photograph.


U.K. Visa Application Denial

In case the Visa stands denied you will undoubtedly come to know the reasons behind it. If at all you feel that the decision has been poorly taken then you can also appeal it.

So now the decision is yours! Whether to go through the hassle of the entire process on your own or take the help of Meteors Immigration and make the Visa acquiring process a seamless one.


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I got a reference from my one of college for Meteors immigration & meteors immigration’s work impressed me a lot on multiple levels. i am really happy that i took a right decision to immigration process for Canada PR, really a big thanks to the team for handling my case with so much patience

Elbert Joy
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Happy with services taken by me from meteors, the Documentation team worked really hard for my Germany process….they listen carefully and they solve all my queries quickly. They respond almost immediately,address the problem very effectively. METEORS IMMIGRATION MAKE my process a lot easier

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Hatts off to Meteors immigration consultancy for providing me the best guidance for Study visa for united kingdom . It’s been a great journey through out. The service and personal attention was extraordinary by Ms. Anamma , who was my consultant . I am grateful & Appreciate all the help & efforts put by Meteors Team. I still have a long way to go but I want to thank Meteors for helping me get the study visa and cross my first milestone.

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METEORS Team- it was really great experience with Ms. Pallavi Mishra who handle my Australia visa case he is really a very good person and very loyal with his work.she is very down to earth .I am very happy to say this I received Australia Skilled Migration visa from embassy. I sincerely thanks to Ms.Pallavi Mishra for his support of my entire visa process. She is very cooperative and dedication to her work.

Soji Nair
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My special thnx to kaveri mam and her team for helping me in my b.tech engineer Germany job seeker visa process, for guiding me in a better way to proceed without your help i don’t think of the success of my visa stamping… i will suggest and refer your name to my other frnds also thank you.

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I am satisfied with Meteors Immigartion company for my sister’s visa process for singapore and this process is complted by the help of Naina madam i am gald that i have chosen this company to start my sister’s visa pocess raellt happy with Naina madam she is really poliet and helpfull in her processing way.

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