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Welcome to one of the top Singapore immigration consultants in India! Are you looking for the best Visa consultancy services in Delhi? Are you planning to immigrate to Singapore? singapore business visa consultantsIf the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you have reached the right location. After going about several places in Delhi if you have been disheartened then don’t worry we’ve got you. Meteors Immigration provides you with high-quality consultancy services that will make your immigration to Singapore a hassle-free process.

There are a number of different types of immigration programs that you require for immigration to Singapore in case you are a permanent resident or a non-resident. Don’t worry; you will come to know about them in the subsequent paragraphs. Even though you are going to read about them here, you would be delighted to know that our Singapore consultancy services make sure you get your type of Visa quickly and without any difficulties.

However, one thing that you have to make sure about is to get a work pass definitely. If you do not have a work pass, then your company may get prosecuted under the Foreign Manpower’s Act.



There is not one, but a myriad of reasons why immigrating to Singapore from India is a great idea. Singapore has an open-door policy for immigrants, and as such, you will find a lot of similar people there. Moreover, the quality of education is a lot better from kindergarten to University.

Not only this, Singapore has a growing economy. This means that people are paid quite high. Also, the cost of living in Singapore is less as compare to any other country. This is why Singaporeans are able to save a part of their income for themselves. If not these, then you can visit Singapore for its scenic beauty, high-rise buildings, and cleanliness which every street in this country offers.



Meteors Immigration will help you out in the migration process no matter what the reason is. There are a variety of reasons why people consider immigrating to Singapore. Some of them are as follows:


Migrating for Work in Singapore:

There are different types of work visas that one can choose from.



Singapore Employment Pass

This pass is meant for highly skilled individuals. The employment pass is to be applied for by the company that hires the individual. It is granted for about two years. You will be delighted to know that there are no levies or quotas on this pass. If you earn more than $4000, then you can bring your wife as well as your children. But if your income is more than $8000, then your parents can also be called.

singapore student

Singapore Entre Pass

Also referred to as the entrepreneur pass, this pass can be renewed after one year. This is meant for those people who want to open a business in Singapore. However, the defendants can only be brought after the past has been renewed once.


Singapore Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

If you are a high earning individuals, then this pass is meant for you. This can be customized according to your work in case you plan to change the company that you’re working for. This Visa is valid for three years, and all the dependents can be brought to Singapore under this. Moreover, the individual will be allowed to stay in Singapore for six months, even without a job.



Singapore S Pass

This pass is meant for lesser-skilled individuals. The company that hires the individual applies it. However, there is a quota. This pass is valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional three years. If the individual is able to make $4000, then the dependents can also be brought.

Moving to Singapore with Family:

Migrants who have any of the bosses mentioned above can bring their dependents to Singapore. However, stepchildren, other relatives, disabled children, etc. can be brought with the help of a long-term visit pass.



Singapore Dependent’s Pass

This pass is also applied by the company that sponsors the passes mentioned above. There are no levies or quotas applicable. This pass is also valid for two years and can be renewed further.


Singapore Long Term Visit Pass:

As Long as the EP, PEP or S pass is valid, the long-term visit pass can be applied for by the same company. This pass is for those individuals who wish to bring their stepchildren or parents to Singapore while they work.


Singapore Dependent’s Pass and Long-Term Visit Pass for Entre Pass Holders:

The dependents of the Entre pass holders have to comply with the following criteria in order to immigrate to Singapore:

Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)

If you would like to become a permanent resident in Singapore, then this option is valid for you. People intend for permanent residency for a variety of reasons. These can include high-priority education for children, living in the country with ease without any visa restrictions and acquiring the right to buy a property in Singapore.



PTS Scheme for Singapore PR

Under this scheme, if a person has a valid employment pass or an entrepreneur pass in Singapore, then they can apply for permanent residency.


Global Investor Program for Singapore PR

Under this program, an investor can invest about 2.5 million SDG in an entrepreneurial business and can easily apply for permanent residency. However, the individual should have an excellent track record in his business.


Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme for Singapore PR

Individuals talented in arts such as photography, music, dance, theatre, literature or film wanting to migrate to Singapore can apply for permanent residency through this scheme. If you wish to get eligibility under this scheme, then you should be a recognized artist in your own country, and you should contribute to your particular artistic field in Singapore as well.

We are well aware that all these immigration programs might sound a little intimidating to you. But if you reach Meteors Immigration, then you will be assured a hundred percent assistance. We will make sure that your immigration process is seamless and without any mistakes. This is precisely the reason why we are known as the best Singapore visa consultancy services in Delhi.



The Republic of Singapore is a beautiful island country located in the Asian region. It is also known to have a tremendously beautiful transition from being a third world country to becoming a first-world nation. Considering the beauty of this country, it is usually at the topmost priority of travelers from all over the world. A number of Indians visit Singapore for a variety of reasons. But the Visa for Indians acts as a pre-entry pass and is not eligible for residency.

If you are still confused about the information then worry not. Meteors Immigration will make sure that you apply for your Visa in the correct way possible. Migration to Singapore will become more comfortable than any other source!

No matter the purpose of your trip, you will have to require a visa to cross the borders of Singapore. However, there are some countries that are Visa exempt in Singapore, but all the other nationalities require a visa for legal entrance. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose your types of Singapore Visas processing By Meteors Immigration:


tourist singapore

Singapore tourist visa

This Visa can be obtained by moving to your nearest Singaporean embassy and applying for it. If you want to be eligible under the e-visa, then everything will be managed online. The tourist Visa is perhaps the most common reason that people apply for a while moving to Singapore.


Singapore Employment Pass/Visa

If you are a skilled employee earning more than $3600 per month, then you will be eligible for this type of Visa. It is usually valid for two or more years and can be renewed accordingly.

singapore business visa consultants

Singapore Entrepreneur Pass/Visa

If you are planning to relocate your company to Singapore, then you will be eligible under this Visa. It is valid for one year and can be renewed after that.


singapore student

Singapore Personalized Employment Pass/Visa

There are times when one particular employer does not employ individuals. In such a case, the personalized employment visa can be opted for. It is nonrenewable and lasts for three years.


Singapore The S Pass/Work Visa

The Work visa is for those individuals who make about $2200 per month.

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Miscellaneous Work Pass

If your work is a little different and you find yourself away from the above-mentioned categories, then you can apply for this work pass. However, you should understand that it is only provided for short periods.



Singapore Dependant Pass

Your spouse, a parent, has a fixed income of $6000 per month in Singapore then you can be eligible under this pass.


Singapore Permanent Residence Visa

A valid work pass ensures your eligibility for permanent residence. However, for further info, you have to contact the Singaporean embassy.

We want to clear the fact that all this information is only for educating you. Meteors Immigration makes sure that all the customers are guided in the right way, and the services provided to them makes their immigration to Singapore an easy and hassle-free one. So which one would you like to choose? Meteors Immigration or some other consultancy services that keep you hanging in between!


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I got a reference from my one of college for Meteors immigration & meteors immigration’s work impressed me a lot on multiple levels. i am really happy that i took a right decision to immigration process for Canada PR, really a big thanks to the team for handling my case with so much patience

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Happy with services taken by me from meteors, the Documentation team worked really hard for my Germany process….they listen carefully and they solve all my queries quickly. They respond almost immediately,address the problem very effectively. METEORS IMMIGRATION MAKE my process a lot easier

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Hatts off to Meteors immigration consultancy for providing me the best guidance for Study visa for united kingdom . It’s been a great journey through out. The service and personal attention was extraordinary by Ms. Anamma , who was my consultant . I am grateful & Appreciate all the help & efforts put by Meteors Team. I still have a long way to go but I want to thank Meteors for helping me get the study visa and cross my first milestone.

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METEORS Team- it was really great experience with Ms. Pallavi Mishra who handle my Australia visa case he is really a very good person and very loyal with his work.she is very down to earth .I am very happy to say this I received Australia Skilled Migration visa from embassy. I sincerely thanks to Ms.Pallavi Mishra for his support of my entire visa process. She is very cooperative and dedication to her work.

Soji Nair
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My special thnx to kaveri mam and her team for helping me in my b.tech engineer Germany job seeker visa process, for guiding me in a better way to proceed without your help i don’t think of the success of my visa stamping… i will suggest and refer your name to my other frnds also thank you.

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I am satisfied with Meteors Immigartion company for my sister’s visa process for singapore and this process is complted by the help of Naina madam i am gald that i have chosen this company to start my sister’s visa pocess raellt happy with Naina madam she is really poliet and helpfull in her processing way.

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