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While spreading our wings to all global extensions we, the Meteors Immigration Consultants also took over one of the most loved, requested tours and travel destinations across the world. You heard it right; we are talking about Malaysia.
malaysia flagA beautiful, exquisite place to be in your holidays, family get-together, trip with friends and much more. Best Malaysia Immigration consultants, Meteors Immigration Consultants are here to make your experience much more enchanting and exciting.

Meteors Immigration Consultants assures your safety, transportation, Visa regulations and much more on top of everything else which they tend to offer you. It’s better to be prepared than not being prepared at all. Thus choosing Meteors Immigration Consultants will not only make your experience of traveling to Malaysia better but also much more memorable than ever.
Meteors Immigration Consultants believe in making dreams come true, with their assistance your Malaysia travel dreams come true in no time.


There are thousands of candidates dreaming about relocating to some other countries for numerous purposes. It can be a short trip, an extended vacation, a business tour, studies, family meetings, and other options as well. But people usually leave the consequences and focus only on the desire of moving out. Numerous things make Malaysia a great place to relocate or travel too. Let’s look at some of them:

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It’s Easy to Migrate to Malaysia

Malaysia has been one of the most lovely places all over the world that established a warm, welcoming hand for other countries. With that said, programs like “Malaysia My 2nd Home” were launched to show their gratitude, love for peace and harmony for making good relations among neighbors and other countries as well. Meteors Immigration Consultants lets you take over the opportunity Malaysia has given you with ease.

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Affordability in Malaysia

With significant exposure to beautiful places in Malaysia, they tend to offer a much more comfortable life with affordability concepts. Less living expenses, cheap yet excellent food quality, unique agricultural arenas, and whatnot. Malaysia has come up like a champ in combining best practices in the domain of affordability. The Government provides certain subsidies as well.


Malaysia Infrastructure

As the Government of Malaysia established different policies and programs to attract travelers and tourists to spend some quality time. Thus, to achieve such fundamentals, the Malaysian Government has taken significant steps in the field of Technology, Transportation and Urbanization for making Malaysia look, feel and perform better.

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Taste of Various Lifestyles

With such a warm, enchanting environment of urban Malaysia, you get to interact with multi-cultural patterns throughout the region. Making Malaysia a fantastic place to get to know different attractive aspects of life. Kuala Lumpur is an exciting place you would love to visit. If you love the nightlife and shopping, this place is a must. With a modern touch, you get to see landscapes that mesmerize your sight in less dense areas.

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Government Support in Malaysia

As mentioned earlier, the Malaysian Government has taken over the change they want to carry out in Malaysia with open hands. With numerous programs, Malaysian Government wants Malaysia to grow in every field they can touch and succeed.

food & fruits

Food & Fruits

With many exquisite cuisines and dishes, Malaysia has to offer; you will never get out of delicious food in this country. With such diversity in the country living in harmony, you get to taste every culture at its paradise. Along with great food, tropical fruits in Malaysia stand with crowns. Exotic taste and availability in abundance make it the best experience ever in there.


There are several Programmes that the Malaysian Government initiated to make Malaysia attract people from all over the world. These programs include,

  • Malaysia MY 2nd Home
  • Malaysia Employment Pass Application
  • Malaysia Professional Visit Pass (PVP)
  • Malaysia Residence Pass –Talent (RP-T).

With such programs launched, people from all over the world came to know such a fantastic place that offers compatible relocation with comfort.
Along with all these initial steps towards better recognition and attraction for Malaysia, To get a Visa, you must have a defined purpose, and it should be clear beforehand applying for the same. To save your time of searching for a legit Malaysia Visa consultant, we have come up with the best in the field. Meteors Immigration Consultants are the best visa agency out in Delhi that are transforming lives with their assistance, guidance, and care for your Visa requirements.


There are several Visas for immigration that Meteors Immigration Consultants offers. Being best in the category, Meteors Immigration Consultants takes upon your commands of desire and turn them into their motive for the rest of the process.
With a highly qualified and experienced team, Meteors Immigration Consultants has been making experiences memorable for ten years. Which certainly makes them one of the most legitimate places to contact for your Malaysia Visa related queries.
Meteors Immigration Consultants offer Visas for every purpose one may possess. These purposes include Visas:


malaysia visa

Malaysia Single Entry Visa

As the name is self-explanatory, Such a Visa is only valid for three months and is issued mostly to serve tourism. Thus if you feel like visiting the beautiful lands of Malaysia for one time, you can apply at Meteors Immigration Consultants for the same. They will get your application done as soon as possible.

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Malaysia Multiple Entry Visa

If you are willing to visit Malaysia more than one time yet only for a limited amount of time, then you may apply for Multiple Entry Visa. The validation period for this Visa ranges from 3 to 12 months. Business professionals mostly occupy such a Visa for meetings or governmental purposes.

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Malaysia Transit Visa

If your flight touches any lands of Malaysian Airports, you might need a Transit Visa. But if any passenger doesn’t leave the airport premises while waiting for a connecting flight, they don’t need any Transit Visa.
This Visa comes handy on Airport checks and is needed on a strict basis. Thus there should be no casualty in such areas.

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Malaysia Permanent Residence Visa

As the name explains, PR Visa is applicable for you only if you have married a Malaysian citizen that too for five years till the date of filling. Alongside this, you must complete a long-term stay Visa in Malaysia itself consistently for these five years as well. Then you can apply for Permanent Residence Visa. While applying for PR, it seems quite challenging.

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Malaysia Work Visa

Work Visa is for the employees and their families who get to work in Malaysia through any firm or organization. Or if you own an organization, then hiring a foreigner as your working takes a lot of effort. Rather than taking Work Visa beforehand, Employee can get a social pass Visa for the same and then can apply for a Work Visa later. You shouldn’t start working before your Work Visa arrives.


Malaysia Short Term Pass/ Social Visit

Short Term pass Visa comes handy for touring and traveling purposes. It can be a business meeting, seminar attending, and other purposes. IMM.55 is a form that you fill at the entry point for such a Visa.


Malaysia Long Term Pass/ Social Visit

A long term passes Visa is engaged for an individual for temporary residence as a minimum of six months. It includes children and spouses of Malaysian citizens, permanent residents, etc., coming to Malaysia for medical treatment. All the relevant information can be found on the Meteors Immigration Consultant’s website.

Malaysia Student Passes/Visa

Students who want to pursue their higher studies in Malaysian Universities need to gain Student Visa. Before entering the Malaysian territory, they need to take a confirmation letter from the university and then only they can apply for a student visa attested with the letter. Immigrated students may only work at restaurants, gas stations, hotels, etc. apart from that, students need to score well, or else Visa will not be renewed.


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Being in the Visa consultancy for more than a decade shows a firm’s credibility and commitment. With customers’ feedback and loving experiences, Meteors Immigration Consultants has become the best Malaysia Visa Consultant in Delhi. So, what are you waiting for, grab onto your luggage, get your passports ready? And contact us at Meteors Immigration Consultants.


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I got a reference from my one of college for Meteors immigration & meteors immigration’s work impressed me a lot on multiple levels. i am really happy that i took a right decision to immigration process for Canada PR, really a big thanks to the team for handling my case with so much patience

Elbert Joy
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Happy with services taken by me from meteors, the Documentation team worked really hard for my Germany process….they listen carefully and they solve all my queries quickly. They respond almost immediately,address the problem very effectively. METEORS IMMIGRATION MAKE my process a lot easier

Harishanker Sahu
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Hatts off to Meteors immigration consultancy for providing me the best guidance for Study visa for united kingdom . It’s been a great journey through out. The service and personal attention was extraordinary by Ms. Anamma , who was my consultant . I am grateful & Appreciate all the help & efforts put by Meteors Team. I still have a long way to go but I want to thank Meteors for helping me get the study visa and cross my first milestone.

Manpreet Kaur
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METEORS Team- it was really great experience with Ms. Pallavi Mishra who handle my Australia visa case he is really a very good person and very loyal with his work.she is very down to earth .I am very happy to say this I received Australia Skilled Migration visa from embassy. I sincerely thanks to Ms.Pallavi Mishra for his support of my entire visa process. She is very cooperative and dedication to her work.

Soji Nair
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My special thnx to kaveri mam and her team for helping me in my b.tech engineer Germany job seeker visa process, for guiding me in a better way to proceed without your help i don’t think of the success of my visa stamping… i will suggest and refer your name to my other frnds also thank you.

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I am satisfied with Meteors Immigartion company for my sister’s visa process for singapore and this process is complted by the help of Naina madam i am gald that i have chosen this company to start my sister’s visa pocess raellt happy with Naina madam she is really poliet and helpfull in her processing way.

Nikki Nikita

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