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Germany Tourist Visa Consultants

Best Germany Tourist Visa Consultancy Services

There are some places which are on the bucket list of every wonder lust. Undoubtedly, Germany is one of them. The fairy-tale castles, canopy of black forest and picture perfect cities –what more can a travel maniac want? But before all these, one needs to have a visa on the first hand. This extensive article will make a way to understand everything about the application process for the Germany tourist visa and also provide information about the various Germany Tourist Visa consultants.

When it comes to Germany Visitor Visa consultants, you would get a number of them in Delhi. “Meteors Immigration Consultancy” is one of the best among the Germany Tourist Visa Consultants in Delhi. You would not face any problem in attaining your visa. It is evident that they give similar importance to every customer and also, provide world-class services with a great level of accuracy.

Germany is a country full of opportunities. A large number of tourists visit this country every year. In 2012, 407.26 million people visited this country. So, there is a reason behind its eighth position in the World Tourism Ranking list.

Top Reasons to Apply for Germany Tourist Visa

If you are wondering where to go for a vacation or study, then do look at the following reasons of visiting Germany once. You would surely want to give it a try.

Germany has a rich history

Rich History

Germany has a rich history. The capital of this country, Berlin is closely associated with World War II. It is needless to say Germany gave birth to one of the most popular historical figures, Adolf Hitler and his Nazism. From Julius Ceaser to the French revolution, from the industrial revolution to Napoleonic Wars- Germany has a history of goose bumping incidents.

World Leader in Technology

World Leader in Technology

Germany is the country of technology. They manufacture the most popular cars in the world. Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz – all are the gift of German technology.

Most Beautiful Castles

Most Beautiful Castles

Germany is famous for its scenic beauty and fairy tale castles. There is a castle in Bavaria, named “Neuschwanstein Castle”; it is believed that Walt Disney Castle is inspired by it.

German Foods

German Foods

German food is famous all over the world. They produce the best quality bread, beer and of course sausage.

Largest Recorded Music Markets

Largest Recorded Music Markets

Germany has the third-largest music market in the world and when it comes to Europe, it is the first one. Germany has a history of rich music.

German Art

German Art

The cities of Germany seem like pieces of art. The clean, historical, well maintained cities would definitely take your heart away.

Some Important Information About German Territory

If you have decided to start your journey to Germany, you need to know some things. The Germany Travel Visa applying process is slightly different than the other countries. The reason is, Germany is among the Schengen countries. Like many of the European countries, Germany tourism also requires a Schengen visa. Now, if you get a Schengen visa, you would be able to travel to any of the Schengen countries without any barrier. In this way, the barrier among the countries would vanish. You would be roaming among 26 Schengen countries without any issues.

important information about German territory

Things You Need To Know About Germany Tourist Visa

Before applying for the visa, you should know the basic information about it. Just go through the following points, it will help you to gain basic knowledge about the process of getting a Germany Travel Visa.

When to apply for a Germany Schengen Visitor visa to Germany

You should submit your visa application at least 15 days before your day of departure. 15 days is the minimum limit for applying; it would be more helpful if you file your application months before journey.

How long does it take to receive the Germany travel visa?

There is a reason behind the suggestion of applying for the Germany Travel Visa before months of the planned trip. It’s because usually, the authority takes 10 days or lesser than that to process all the documents and travel request, but the time may increase because of the situation or if the case needs a special treatment.

How long is the Germany Tourist Visa valid for?

Generally, a tourist visa remains valid for 90 days. If you want to travel a lot then it is a suggestion for you to fill up the “multiple entry” gap in the form. In this way, you will be able to enter and leave the Schengen zone as per your wish.

What is a Germany Visitor Visa?

A Schengen tourist/visitor visa is established by the Schengen states; it not only allows you to visit Germany but also the other 26 Schengen countries. The purpose of visit can be education, family function, travelling etc.

Who needs a Germany Visitor Visa to?

According to the rules of Schengen states, your need of having a tourist visa completely depends on your nationality. Before applying for a visa make sure whether you need one or not.

How long before the visit should I apply for the visa?

You can apply before months. It would be helpful and if the document checking process takes time, then there would be no cause of worry; but you can apply before 20 days though it is not recommended.

Requirements For Applying For Germany Tourist Visa

It is very important to know about the requirements of the German tourist visa before applying for the one. Take a look to the following points –

  • The application form should be completed in English or German. It is very important to fill up the form correctly; it should be printed and signed at the end.
  • It is expected that the given information would be accurate.
  • Passport size photographs are needed and the photos should be identical.
  • The passport would be valid till 10 years and a blank page should be left so that the visa sticker can be attached.
  • It is required to show the bank statement details of the last three months.
  • It is required to submit a confirmation letter from your health insurance, stating that it would cover the medical treatment with a minimum of RS. 30000. It is a suggestion to go for PROVISIT VISUM by DR-WALTER. It is very cheap and German consultants accept it unhesitatingly. Also, you can cancel it if you want and that too without any extra charge. All you need to do is to show proof that your visa has been cancelled. It provides a mandatory insurance certificate when it is required.
  • It is needed to show an accommodation proof. It can be your hotel booking information, a letter from your friend or anything like this.
  • It is important to show the proof of flight reservation. Germany Tourist Visa Consultants would help you in this or you can find it online.
  • A Proof of financial means is also needed. This could be a bank statement which is not older than three months or a letter of sponsorship from another person.
  • If you are employed then you need to show the leave letter of your company.
  • A no objection certificate is needed.
    If you are a student then your institution should issue this.
    If you are an employee, your employer or company should issue this.
    If you do not fall into any of these categories, even then you have to show a no objection certificate.
  • A cover letter is also required. In that cover letter you have to explain the reasons behind your visit and also the details of the duration, whereabouts of your visit.
  • An invitation letter should be attached. This invitation letter should provide the details of address, period of staying, contact details etc. It should be written by the person who has invited the applicant in Germany.
  • As a proof of civil status, you should attach marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, death certificate of spouse, ration card etc.
  • As a residential proof in the consulate where you plan to apply for visa, you can attach your driver’s license or utility bill on your name.
  • There are some other requirements for the minority category; these are
    If someone wishes to travel alone then the consent letter must be signed by parents.
    The form also should be signed by parents.
    A copy of the parent’s passport data page is needed too.

However, Meteors Immigration Consultancy comes with an amazing service policy and guidance so that you can understand everything about these requirements properly.

Why Meteors Immigration Consultancy Is One Of The Best Germany Tourist Visa Consultants??

If you are searching for a good Germany visa consultancy services, then, meteors immigration the one for you. It is one of the best Germany tourist visa consultants in Delhi. It is authorized with world immigration options, such as they guide the applicants during the visa filling process and also, they give suggestions about right documentation. They assess the eligibility criteria for the applicants. They come up with international holiday packages and they also study visa assistance. They work with licensed immigration advisers. It is situated in New Delhi. We can assure you that if you give them the responsibility, they will surely fulfil your expectation and would help you in every step.

Germany tourist visa consultants

Germany Tourist Visa Related FAQS

There are the answers of some frequently asked questions about Germany Tourist Visa. Check this out:

Will all Germany Tourist Visa be granted for 90 days?
Not necessarily. It would depend on the number of days of your visiting, hotel booking etc.

Can I apply for a Germany Visitor Visa if my application has been refused earlier?
Yes, you can apply again.

What is the Germany Tourist Visa cover letter?
It primarily summarizes your intention of visiting that particular place. In the letter you should explain some things, such as –

  • The purpose of your trip.
  • Place and time of your travel.
  • Financial source of your trip.
  • Day-by-day itinerary of the trip.
  • Duration of the trip.

As a Germany Short-stay visa holder, can I extend my visa for a year? How long can I stay in the German territory?
No you can’t. It is illegal to stay after the limited days. It is better to come back and apply for a fresh one.

If my Germany short-stay multiple entry Schengen Visa is valid for a year, how long can I stay in German territory?
It allows you to stay there for 90 days within a period of six months.

How long does it take to obtain a Germany Tourist Visa?
It usually takes 15-20 days but the time span can be changed depending on the situation.

We expect that this article will clear all your doubts regarding the application process of Germany Tourist Visa. Do not wait anymore, plan a vacation in Germany and let yourself sink into the world of fairy tale castles. Also, it is hoped that this article will provide you enough information about the Germany Tourist Visa Consultancy Meteors Immigration which you never disappoint you if you seek their help at any time.

How to obtain a Germany Tourist Visa?
In order to get a Germany Tourist Visa you have to follow the given steps-

  • Collect the needed documents.
  • Decide where you need to apply. It could be a German embassy or consulate or visa centre in your home country.
  • You have to get an appointment with the German consulate, be it online or in person.
  • You have to pay the visa fee.
  • You have to attend the interview where the visa consular will ask you some questions related to your journey.
  • It will not last more than 20 minutes.

Obviously, there is Meteors Immigration to help you out and guide you in every step.


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