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Germany Immigration and Visa Consultants in Delhi


You can’t turn your passports away from a country that has been on the top of the world’s best countries by BAV and Wharton 2016 country rankings. Yes, you heard it right, we are talking about Germany.germany flag

At Meteors Immigration Consultants, we believe in providing you with a lifetime experience with the proper assistance that you need, and you deserve. With expertise in local immigration, Visa specialized services, and citizenship, we believe in making success stories real in no time.

Alongside immigration services and credits to Canada, USA, UK, Australia, and multiple other renowned countries, we are glad to provide you Visas for Germany as well. With trust and love from our happy clients, we are pleased to be the best Germany Immigration consultants in Delhi.


Let’s change the question and let us ask you, Why not? If the wanderlust vibe never leaves your mind and you want to make your way till Germany, then be with us.

Germany Immigration might be difficult for illegitimate firms and consultants. But not with Meteors Immigration Consultants. They ensure reliability, security, and credibility in their work and their faith towards their customers. And that’s exactly what they provide you throughout your German Visa application.

Some people want to migrate to different parts of the world. Even with strict Visa laws, people travel to states. And that what Meteors Immigration Consultants believe as well. Here are the top reasons why immigrants choose Germany as the best place to immigrate.


Best Country in the World

Ranking 1st on the World’s Best Country, Germany sets a par for other countries with its pace, says the BAV and Wharton 2016 country ranking reports. While having several distinctive parameters, Germany sets apart in terms of Educational hub, a social market economy, highly skilled citizens, affluent workforce and much more.

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Best Healthcare Practices

Being the world’s best country, Germany acquires the best-known practices in the Healthcare industry. With top-notch health-related schemes and medical researches in Germany, it makes it best in such use cases.


Innovative Environment

Germany is known for its Research Hub integrity and innovation. There are several examples among citizens of Germany, that at a very young age created blunders that made the world go WOW!


Better Accessibility

Being in the strategically central location in Europe, it becomes effortless to emigrate throughout the country, and traveling expenses are economical for everyone. This makes traveling inside the country cost-effective and lite on the pocket.


Easy Adaptation to surrounding

Being a friendly country, Germany has a variety of factors that makes it distinct. With highly efficient transport systems, roads and vehicles, it gets really easy to get used to the German surroundings.


Different Cultures and Ethnicities

With different cultures, you get a taste of some of the unique values and ethics that might blow your mind.


Warm Immigration Welcome

Germany is one of the most friendly, helpful and peace-loving countries which spread their hands to immigrants. And also support significant tourism and love.

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Importance of German Passport – Most Powerful

You won’t be getting a German Passport as soon as you land there, but once you get the citizenship of Germany, you’ll come to know about the importance of a German Passport. It’s the most powerful passport in the world which makes your credibility much higher than any others.

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Low Unemployment Rate

Working in Germany is a blissful vibe. With a low unemployment rate, working in such an environment makes you get a better profile along with the fortune of living in such a country.


You don’t get to immigrate without a valid reason, thus moving/traveling to Germany comes in different ways with certain domains in which you might fall. Thus we have explained the reasons below:



Germany Immigration for Employers

Being a Researchers Hub, German comes on one of the topmost arenas. Where you can utilize your talent and skills at an optimum and top-notch level. Germany has provided reports over the shortage of skilled working professionals which makes it much easier to find jobs. For that Foreign immigration authorities have granted a lease for requirements for working in their country.

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Germany Immigration for Education

Education comes alongside researches and Germany has never failed in amazing people with their achievements. Thus Education in Germany comes on top of their priority scale. Although many people aren’t aware of the fact that education in Germany is free, it means the tuition fee, university fees’ are very economical and low. Thus making Germany a preferable hotspot of education.

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Germany Immigration for Entrepreneurs

Potential Entrepreneurs that strive to create success stories and economic opportunities, achievements for Germany are welcomed with warm hands to contribute to the future of the country. Even for investors, they thrive on welcoming them as well.

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Germany Residence Permits

After receiving a successful visa for immigration, you will hold the residence permit along that. This makes you a temporary holder of residence in the first place. Which provides you with a timestamp for which it is valid. But it can also be a Permanent residence permit which makes you eligible to stay in the country as long as you want.


There are people who not only want to live there but also want the citizenship of Germany. Also, alongside casual travelers, some students wish to pursue their higher studies in Germany and work there as well. Thus there are several Visa options provided by Meteors Immigration Visa Consultancy In Delhi. Which makes them Legit, trustworthy and shine in the crowd of frauds. Here are the different types of Visas offered Germany for Indians.



Germany Tourist Visa/Visit to Family and Friends

Such type of Visa is for mere visiting or touring purposes for Indians. It’s best for the Indians who want to travel German to spend vacations, meet family, friends, see country culture, ethnicities and much more.

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Germany Student Visa

For all aspiring students who dream of pursuing higher studies at such a research-oriented country makes it much more enjoyable for them to focus and educate themselves.

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Germany Language Course Visa

People who merely want to learn Germany to serve their purpose can apply for such a Visa. Meteors Immigration Consultancy provides such visas very quickly and easily.

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Germany Job Application/Seeker Visa

Employees, Working professionals, and experts who seek jobs in Germany can easily apply for a Job application Visa. This unlocks several opportunities for them in such a skilled country, with a low unemployment rate.

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Germany Business Visa

For aspiring business people who want to spread their arms across the globe can apply for such a Visa. But firstly, they should have an established business in India with high turnover, so that they can prove their potential and credibility.

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Germany Airport Transit Visa

This Visa is only used for Airport transits, i.e. if their flights’ touchdown at any one of the German airports.

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Germany Working Visa

For all the working professionals, a working Visa is a must. With this Visa, they have the legal authority to work in Germany and earn money via legit means.

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Germany Guest Scientist Visa

Such a Visa is for students/scholars/scientists from India who have been invited by any known institution or organization to carry out any research or testing.

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Germany Training/Internship Visa

For being a part of Training for a particular firm or to carry out any Internship across the states, a Training/Internship Visa is required for such an Indian.

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Germany Medical Treatment Visa

People with Medical Treatment Visa have temporary living experience and treatment validation. Which can be of a week or even a month depending upon the medical treatment going to take place.

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Germany Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence Visa

People who want to seek temporary or permanent residence in Germany needs to have a valid Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence Visa. This makes the individual authoritative to take residence in the country for a specified period.


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Legitimacy comes to trust and trust comes with happy customers. And executives at Meteors Immigration Consultants believe in providing trustful experiences that made them best German Immigration Consultants in Delhi.

Meteors Immigration Consultants provide seamless experience since starting of your dream till the successful Visa application retrieval. They have knowledge about the market economy, updated Visa Restriction policies, conditions and everything that is required to be the best Immigration Consultancy.

With offices and executives abroad(in Germany), Meteors Immigration Consultants thrives on ensuring your safety as well as for your family.

Meteors Immigration Consultants consists of highly expert working professionals that guide you since your first application filling till the last success Visa in hand. And even beyond. So what are you thinking about, get your Germany Visa now from Meteors Immigration Consultants.


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I got a reference from my one of college for Meteors immigration & meteors immigration’s work impressed me a lot on multiple levels. i am really happy that i took a right decision to immigration process for Canada PR, really a big thanks to the team for handling my case with so much patience

Elbert Joy
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Happy with services taken by me from meteors, the Documentation team worked really hard for my Germany process….they listen carefully and they solve all my queries quickly. They respond almost immediately,address the problem very effectively. METEORS IMMIGRATION MAKE my process a lot easier

Harishanker Sahu
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Hatts off to Meteors immigration consultancy for providing me the best guidance for Study visa for united kingdom . It’s been a great journey through out. The service and personal attention was extraordinary by Ms. Anamma , who was my consultant . I am grateful & Appreciate all the help & efforts put by Meteors Team. I still have a long way to go but I want to thank Meteors for helping me get the study visa and cross my first milestone.

Manpreet Kaur
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METEORS Team- it was really great experience with Ms. Pallavi Mishra who handle my Australia visa case he is really a very good person and very loyal with his work.she is very down to earth .I am very happy to say this I received Australia Skilled Migration visa from embassy. I sincerely thanks to Ms.Pallavi Mishra for his support of my entire visa process. She is very cooperative and dedication to her work.

Soji Nair
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My special thnx to kaveri mam and her team for helping me in my b.tech engineer Germany job seeker visa process, for guiding me in a better way to proceed without your help i don’t think of the success of my visa stamping… i will suggest and refer your name to my other frnds also thank you.

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I am satisfied with Meteors Immigartion company for my sister’s visa process for singapore and this process is complted by the help of Naina madam i am gald that i have chosen this company to start my sister’s visa pocess raellt happy with Naina madam she is really poliet and helpfull in her processing way.

Nikki Nikita

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