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What Factors Have Pulled Immigrants To Australia In The Last Five Years?

Australia, known to be the world’s smallest continent, is one of the largest countries in the world. It is just like a long lost island situated between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean when someone sees it on the world map. It is a vast country isolated from the rest of the continents, with one of the most beautiful landscapes present in the world. This small continent is also called as the last of lands because it is the last region that was explored by Europeans.

The country is considered to be a part of the least populated in the rank list with just three persons per square kilometer. The people here belong to the different origin and are mostly the ones who migrated to the place during World War II. From the list of descendants, Australia is a place where many people had found a home to live in peace at difficult times which are referred to in history. Correlative to the above fact, Australia’s society and economy is shaped by the migration of people from all over the world.

Also, it is seen that the number of Australian’s migrating is relatively small compared to the number of people immigrating to Australia. And as per the statistical reports, in the last five years, the immigration of skilled and unskilled people has increased. They are reported to the quarter of its total population. These immigrants are the major contributors to Australia’s productivity growth. The people who immigrate to Australia belong from various countries like the United Kingdom, Europe, Ireland, and several Asian countries such as India, China, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Hong-Kong, etc.

Well, what are the striking features Australia as a country provide that to people who immigrate to Australia?; is the most frequently asked question by many people. Australia is considered to be one of the best places to live in terms of quality of life, wealth, education, and job opportunities.


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Table of Contents

1. Quality of life:

Quality of life
Quality of life in Australia

Australia is a land with people from different origins residing in the same roof. The people exhibit multi-ethnic aspects and are much diverse from the roots they belong to initially. The one immigrating to Australia will love and can learn new things from a mixed flavour of people of different cultures. The people are friendly, helpful, and are very supportive. Also, it is stated that Australia is the lowest in crime rate, which depicts the overview of the society and nature of people in that country.


2. English as the proficiency language:

English as the proficiency language in Australia

Australia does not have any officially stated national language, and thereby English is the mode of communication between the people residing there. It is a great relief for people who want to immigrate but they are restricted to provide approval until they know their official language to live in a particular country.


3. Education:

high-quality education provided to the people

It is one of the first countries in the world ranked globally for its high-quality education provided to the people. The Australian government takes care of the primary, secondary, and tertiary education of the citizens and also offers other immigrants with various scholarship offers & other facilities.


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4. Employment:

Diverse opportunities to work in Australia
Diverse opportunities to work in Australia

The population density of Australia is low, and the immigrant workers majorly contribute half of its economic growth. People have diverse opportunities to work here and can also start their businesses.


5. Landscape:

Australia Landscape
The most beautiful, low-polluted, and peaceful countries in the world

It is one of the most beautiful, low-polluted, and peaceful countries in the world. There are so many cities like Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, etc., which are the best place to visit, for sightseeing, and enjoy your vacation. The sites in Australia compel the people to visit them for their breathtaking beauty and mesmerizing scenic views.


6. Financial stability:

Financial stability
Australia Financial stability

The immigrant workers contribute to Australia’s half of the economic growth. The people working here are taken care of in such a way that they will love their job. It boosts and enhances productivity. They are also given higher wages or salaries in comparison to other countries. Almost all people have a higher standard of living in Australia.


7. Healthcare:

innovative medical facilities
Innovative medical facilities

The medical facilities are innovative and have added on on-prompt services. These are taken care of by the public issues related Australian government, and they provide the people residing there with the best support and care.

Apart from the features, the Australia immigration laws and policies are very much simpler compared to any other country. There are different types of visas available, which one can acquire with the help of Australia immigrant consultants. These agents help us to know the procedure and requirements needed for immigration processes. The different types of visas one can secure for Australia immigration are as follows:


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1. Skilled occupation visas:

These visas are granted for highly skilled people. The people are judged based on a point scale depended on their grade of education.

2. Student visas:

These are given to students who are willing to study in Australian schools, colleges, universities, or institutions.

3. Family visas:

These are given to people who have family ties in Australia. Parents can reunify and settle in Australia if their child is studying in any school or a person whose love is from Australia.

4. Investor visas:

These visas are given to people who are interested in investing or funding their money in Australian industries and organizations.

5. Holiday visa:

These are provided for temporary immigrants, who choose their destination spot for vacations, and other tourism-related purposes.

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I hope the above article provided a clear vision to visit your dreamland Australia to those who are still hesitant to immigrate.

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