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USA Study Visa For Indians – Eligibility, Application Process, Required Documents

Are you planning to study abroad in the USA? If you have not, you may want to consider that Indians are included as one of the top nationalities of immigrants for educational purposes. The number of immigrant students increased by 3% in the year 2019 as compared to the number of Indian immigrant students in 2018.

If you want to know more about USA Study Visa for Indians, continue reading this article for a clear guide to the application process.


USA Study Visa Eligibility

Before we get started with the application process, let us first understand the eligibility criteria. This will determine if you can apply for the USA Student Visa or not. The eligibility criteria are listed below for your perusal.

  • Even before applying for a USA Study Visa, you must start your application process in a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) approved academic institution. If you do not know which schools and colleges fall into this category, you can check the list on the official website of the Department of State Education.
  • A letter of enrollment from a recognized educational institution is mandatory. Once a student is accepted into a SEVP approved institution, the institute itself provides documents necessary for the USA Study Visa Application Process and enters the student information in the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System).
  • You must also pay the fees for the SEVIS Program at least three days before you begin the visa application process.


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Types of Study Visas

There are many categories of visas available. As a result, it can be unclear for an individual to determine which visa category is the apt one for them. We have given a simple explanation of the applicable visa categories below:

  • If you are going to attend an academic institution for any program that includes a language training program, then the visa category applicable is F-1.
  • M-1 is applicable when you will be attending a vocational program or one that does not involve language training.
  • If you are attending a recreational program that does not grant a certificate, you can opt for the B-1 visa category.


USA Study Visa Application Process

Now that we have established the eligibility criteria, we can move ahead to the actual visa application process. The steps are listed below for an easier understanding.

  • The process begins by filling out the DS-160 form that is available online. Please fill it out accurately. Keep all the documents you may need at hand for easy uploading.
  • Upload your photograph that fits the guidelines. If the upload fails, you may need to carry your pictures at the time of the interview. It is always a good call to keep some either way.
  • Once you have filled out the form, you will need to sign it electronically. You can do it by clicking the “Sign Application” button.
  • You can now submit the form. You will be assigned an application ID, barcode, and barcode number with an affirmative message stating the successful submission of your application form.
  • Print this confirmatory page to take with you to the visa interview. You are not required to print out the whole form.
  • You must now pay for the visa application. It is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature. You can pay at the bank, over the phone, or online. You will be issued a receipt which is necessary for your interview.
  • Schedule a visa interview by phoning the embassy or online. Go for your scheduled interview. Answer all the questions to the best of your abilities. Go for the interview well ahead of the start of your semester to avoid any hassles at the last moment.
  • Although F-1 and M-1 visas are issued up to 120 days before the start of your semester, you cannot enter the USA until 30 days before the beginning of the session. This is only applicable to new students. Continuing students may come at any time, given their status is up to date on SEVIS.


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USA Study Visa Required Documents

If we are considering to apply for the USA study visa, there has to be a list of documents needed in this visa application process. The documents have been listed below.

  • Valid passport with an adequate period of at least six months after the duration of your stay.
  • Confirmation page of your online DS-160 application form.
  • Fee Receipt
  • Photographs according to guidelines
  • Form I-20 duly signed by the educational institute and the applicant
  • Previous academic records
  • Standardized test scores of applicable test series
  • Proof of financial stability
  • The intention of emigration from USA post-completion of studies


Extra Tips

  • You may need to reapply for the visa if you already have a student visa but have not visited in the USA for five months or more.
  • If you have spouses or dependents, they need to apply for an F-2 or M-2 visa. The institution will provide the form I-20. The applicant may need to produce their F-1 or M-1 visa to prove the relation. Also, no fees on SEVIS is necessary.
  • Even if your passport has expired, the visa is valid as long as it is not revoked or canceled.
  • You can change your visa category while your visa is valid. You do not need a new visa if it is valid. You can apply in the new category once the previous one has expired.


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When all the steps are adequately explained, the visa application process becomes effortless to execute. We hope that you have understood the process of applying for a student visa in the USA. We wish you a bright career ahead!

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