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Canada Visa Application Rejected? Know What Went Wrong

How would you feel if your visa got rejected when you had planned to migrate to another country, especially for Canada? Wouldn’t you be disappointed and depressed that this rejection would ruin your plans in a foreign country? While moreover, you will be perplexed and confused to learn what went wrong in your Canada visa process.

First of all, if you ever faced any of these similar situations don’t panic and don’t lose your hope. Because a Canadian Visa Rejection once a time is not an end of the world. Although Canada is one of the countries which open-heartedly welcome the immigrants with a lot more visa options, sometimes we can’t avoid the rejection of the visa. 

We had listed some of the factors which might be the reason for the rejection of the visa of applicants.

1. If you are incapable of low funds

The government of Canada requires immigrants to take care of themselves while they are applying for the visa. Hence they should be financially stable with sufficient bank palace to get the approval of Canadian Tourist Visa. It is essential to prove to them that you had a regular income source to fulfill your needs.

You should pay yourself from your ‘Tuition fees to the groceries list. They called it as Show money. If the officials are not affirmed with your bank balance, then there are chances for them to reject it.


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2. If you had an error or incomplete documentation as proof

Before submitting any of the documents, it is essential to check the list for one more time. For example, if you are a student who is applying for higher studies in Canada, then you must attach the sponsorship or Invitation letter from either a Citizen or PR holder of the Canada country. 

The officials of the Canada requests for little documentation of the applicants which is listed as,

  • Valid passport
  • Banks statement for the previous six months
  • Proof details for your business
  • Income tax filing forms
  • Form IMM5476e
  • Form 5645
  • Documents to prove your capability regarding your income or financial sources.
  • Travel History
  • Reason or Purpose to travel for Canada


3. If you have errors or falsifying information in the submitted documents

The Canadian government needs all the documents with correct information to avoid any rejection in your visa process. Avoid submitting any false or fake documents to get approval for their Canada visa approval. The consequences could be dangerous as the official had the right to blacklist the applicant once they are found with any misinterpreted document. For example, if an applicant is proved for his/her submission for fake Certificate of Employment to make you look employed, then their application will be refused, and they will be blocked for any future visa processes.


4. If you are staying in the country over the given time

Overstaying of the immigrants is also one of the few, which results in the rejection of your Canadian visa. The officials of the Canadian government had tended to avoid the persons who are looking for a job by using a tourist visa or who wants to stay in the country to exploit the resources. According to the officials, these individuals are considered to have a dangerous impact on the land.


5. If you don’t have any history of travelling to other countries


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To avoid the problem as mentioned above, the immigrants must have prior International travel experience. If not, there might be chances where some officials would consider rejecting the visa application. Fulfilling the condition would convince the government of Canada that the individual is not planning to stay for a more extended period. Your history of visiting other foreign countries would also provide excellent assurance to the authorities regarding your financial stability.


6. If you don’t satisfy the country’s security regulations

The Government of Canada does not EVER approve the visa application of one If they have any pending criminal cases or found to belong to any of the criminal backgrounds. They strictly adhere to these security compliances, and there won’t be a second chance. However, once you are cleared out of these issues properly, then there will be a chance in your way. 


7. If you had failed in the Medical exams

Based on the health policy of the Canada government, all the immigrants should be checked to meet up the medical standards. They should clear the medical checking conducted by health care professionals. If your health condition is revealed to expect a high amount of health and social services given by the government, there are most likely chances to expect the refusal letter.

The medical examination covers all the permanent resident applicants, temporary residents and refugees. We can’t deny the fact of this condition in this Global pandemic situation. The authorities of the country need to be clear that the applicants are not affected by any severe diseases. If the applicants failed to clear the examination, they would be considered as a threat to the people of Canada and the application will be refused.

How we avoid Canadian Visa Rejection?

Canada is one of the best countries which are apt for the immigrants due to its excellent features for education and job opportunities. Despite its immigrant-friendly policies, whenever your visa got rejected, it’s possible to clear the action by following one of the two ways as mentioned below,


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1. Go for the appeal of the refusal

Within a certain period, we advise the applicants to appeal for the refusal for a Canadian visa to the Federal Court of Canada, or you can also opt for Immigration Adjudication Division (IAD). Keep in mind that it is only valid for a short time, and once it is cleared, you might get your Canada visa approval way too quickly. 


 2. Address with the reapplication process

Once your visa application is rejected, you will be provided with a refusal letter which contains the information regarding the same. We tend to note the details carefully, which would help us to look out for the problems.  Once you are free of your concerns, we guide our customers to reapply for the Canada Visa without any errors or misinterpretation in this time. The applicants should be aware not to repeat the mistakes the second time to avoid any further issues. 


How can Meteors Immigration help you?

Do remember that the reason as mentioned earlier could be one of the few but you need some help from the professional side. If you are struggling due to the rejection of your Canada Visa, then you may seek the excellent support from our Meteors Immigration. The professionals in our immigration centre are experienced and skilled people who ensure that there is no lack of essential documents while you are applying for the Canada visa

We are determined to take every option to solve your Canadian Visa rejection and hence it is essential to look out for every factor which causes the denial with the help of our immigration lawyers. We assure you to provide the best solution to every Canada visa problems. Our only motive is to make your travelling to Canada to be safe, sound and without any troubles.

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